FAQ for Data entry services

1. What level of quality one can expect from data entry services of e-dataprocessing?

The quality will be 99%.

2. Type of communication preferred?

Email is the most preferred communication method along with chat, if necessary; phone facility can also be used.

3. Is there any limit for project from one organization/person?

No there is no such limit.

4. What are the rates for data entry projects?

The rates will be based on projects but it will be most competitive.

5. What is the completion time for each project?

It will be as per the project complexity.

6. Is there any way to track the progress of my project?

We will update the status of progress at the end of each day.

7. Once the project is completed and all the data is sent to client, what you will do with the one residing on your computer?

We will destroy all the data from our servers.

8. What type of data entry services do you offer?

We offer the following data entry services:

a. Online data entry

b. Offline dataentry

c. OCR (optical character recognition)

d. Image data entry from handwritten materials

e. Forms Processing

9. What about the hardcopies?

In case of hard copies, we send back all copies to client or else it is destroyed after taking approval from client, all depends on client's choice.

10.What is billing terms?

For small work we charge 50% advance and ongoing work it is monthly.

11.How do you accept payment?

Through Paypal, Wire Transfer or Cheque

12.How can we contact you for work?

We can be reached through our contact us page.