Our pricing for data entry services

We know how important it is when it comes to pricing and looking into that we have planned our pricing for data entry services that we offer.

Our pricing is given below for various data entry services. We offer our services for half the rate than the rates mentioned below if the volume is large.

Rates per hour

1. Online data entry - USD 3.0 per hour

2. Offline data entry - USD 2.5 per hour

3. Data Mining - USD 2.5 per hour

4. Image data entry from handwritten materials

5. Data Extraction - USD 2.5 per hour

6. Web Research - USD 3.0 per hour

7. OCR Services - USD 2.0 per hour

8. Scanning - USD 3.0 per hour

Other than hourly and man month rates, we have record based rates also, and for that we may need the sample file along with the output details (i.e. the format you need the data to be delivered) and the total volume and the turn around time of the project.

If you want more details on different types of rates then you can contact us