E-dataprocessing India welcomes you

Welcome to e-data Processing, an outsourcing data entry firm in India. Our young and skilled staff is dedicated towards providing quality data processing to global clients. All our professionals are well versed with all the latest technology. We provide complete range of data entry related services to our customers worldwide at the lowest possible cost and turnaround time.

We provide a wide range of data processing services which includes data entry from image files, books, CDs, paper copies, cards, survey forms, and covers data entry from all other types of printed and handwritten stuff. Our data entry services are further sub divided into two major categories namely (1) Online data entry (2) Offline data entry.

Online Data Entry : In online data entry, we use a very distinctive technology and as a result we are able to deliver high quality output to our clients in shortest possible time. Our online data entry task also includes entry into Client specified database or portal directly through internet connectivity. At e-data processing, online data entry task is executed by experienced personnel.

Offline Data Entry : Our offline data entry services too is best in it's class, we can take up any offline data entry task such as offline entry from e-books, form filling, entry from printed materials (OCR Services), scanned images etc to name a few. Given below are additional work performed by us:

Data entry

1. Data entry (Online)

2. Data entry (Offline)

3. Image Entry

4. Insurance Claim Entry

Data Processing Services

1.Data Processing

2.Forms Processing

3.Insurance Claim Processing

4.Check Processing

5.Image Processing

6.OCR cleanup

7.Survey Processing

8.Data Mining

9.Data Cleansing

Image Scanning and Indexing


2.Data Capture

Our Mission

1.To provide quality services on time at a reasonable cost.

2.Ensure 100 % customer satisfaction.

3.To offer complete confidentiality of customers data and documents.

Why Work with us?

1.We provide you Quality services at a reasonable cost.

2.We are flexible to accommodate our customer's needs.

3.We have experienced data entry team to complete the work in shortest possible time at affordable rates.

4.We execute all data entry work in English language and all other World languages using English alphabets.

5.Also you will get operational efficiencies alongwith access to highly skilled workforce and above all, improved quality

Contact us for your outsourcing needs. We provide best offshore data entry services. Also, you can view our price page to know more about our rates.