OCR, OCR clean up, Scanning services

e-data Processing offers cost effective OCR services to it's global clients, we at our end have cutting edge technology to achieve this.

Whether your data is an image of typewritten text or images of any other printed materials, we can translate it into electronic editable text. Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system helps us to transform any images (containing text) into computer editable file and you can then edit it with a simple word processor.

Few of our OCR services include:

1. OCR (Typewritten)

2. OCR (Hand Print)

3. OCR (from any other material)

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology which converts images of printed text into ASCII/Unicode. This process requires utmost care to get it done, OCR alone cannot be sufficient to get the desired quality output, behind that goes OCR clean up work to, it is in this process our experts double checks the original image file with the OCR files to see for any misread characters. Our technicians are well trained and can carry out OCR clean up task with ease.

At e-data processing, OCR services and clean-up services are premeditated to deliver best quality results while reproducing books or be it journals, manuals, periodicals , hand written and questionnaires materials into electronic formats.

We deliver best OCR services as we are equipped with latest OCR technologies; our OCR software recognises variety of fonts in diverse language. With that said, using these world class technologies, we can guarantee delivering output with highest accuracy and that too at most cost effective rate that no one can match.

Once you decide to assign your OCR or OCR cleaning work to us, you can be rest assured, we will convert your paper based information into electronic format and you can publish it to any medium.